About Us

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  Benjamin Franklin

Oceanis Advisory Group, LLC (“Oceanis”) is an advisory company engaged in guiding and developing opportunities throughout the U.S. and international energy sectors ~ matching specific opportunities to capital and/or synergistic strategic alliances within the industry.  In many instances Oceanis looks to a private equity approach to capital structure and deployment, yet seeks to tailor each dynamic opportunity with optimal value creation for the entities involved.  We are principally involved in the business of stewarding opportunities under our advisory and management with the principal objective being to achieve sustained capital appreciation through a balanced portfolio of investments in undervalued and growth positioned assets in the energy and energy-dependent arena.  Oceanis is comprised of a cohesive group of innovative professionals with diverse experience in scientific, technical, business and financial disciplines ~ dedicated individuals whose attitude, business philosophy and work ethic are concomitant to the industry and cultures served.  Oceanis is strategic as well as tactical in its approach to the opportunities existent and share a common-sense attitude to the nurturing of varied and dynamic opportunities within the energy and natural resource arena.

The essential elements of our success are the direct result of our core group of professionals being imbued with the experience and knowledge of the energy sector ~ oil and gas production, exploration, development, and exploitation, as well as the disciplines of the drilling and production services arena.  We have nurtured strong relationships within our industry which provides us with a distinctive ability to interact and work effectively with other industry professionals.  We have the unrelenting motivation to conscientiously serve the needs of our partners and associates both efficiently and cost effectively.  And, we bring substantive value to bear by our organization’s conceptual focus being translated into viable and tangible financial realities.

These realities require a nexus of shared considerations that provide the necessary impetus to promulgate and advance opportunities forward.  Oceanis’ link is evidenced by our individual and collective sphere-of-influence which results in early stage, as well as more mature industry opportunities; the acceptance by the industry professionals we work with; and the results generated by the professionals involved in the various stages of the analysis, development and exploitation process ~ all which are materially established and validated.